Not Just a Flap of Skin!

The foreskin is more than just a flap of skin. It is an integral part of the male reproductive system. It protects the penis, which is actually an INTERNAL organ housed in an external sheath of skin.

It distributes moisturizing agents and emollients to keep the glans soft. These secretions are also part of the 'self-cleansing' nature of the penis. As our eyes tear to remove contaminants, the emollients of the foreskin serve to protect the penis from foreign bodies and dirt. It is highly innervated and erogenous, bearing tens of thousands of stretch receptor nerves which participate in the overall enjoyment of sexuality. It has also been learned that the foreskin enhances the sex act for female partners; since the penis moves within it's own sheath, friction and irritation to the vagina are reduced. It carries blood away from the penis back to the return side of the circulatory system.

After birth, the foreskin protects the
still developing glans from contamination by urine and feces. During infancy, the foreskin and glans are bonded together by tissue called synechia. Until a boy is 3-5, the foreskin cannot be retracted due to the existence of the synechia. As this tissue starts to break down, the penis becomes itchy and young boys are often seen to pull at themselves. This is not masturbation. The itch prompts them to tug gently and help break down the synechia and eventually the boy will be able to retract the skin. This process, leading to full retractability can last well into the teen years. It is important that parents are aware of this. No one but the boy himself should ever retract the foreskin for the first time. The prepuce is a natural part of the male anatomy and serves a variety of functions from protection to stimulation. Leave it there...it is NOT just a flap of skin!


  1. thank you. This photo alone shows how unnatural it is to surgically alter the male sexual organ......and criminal to do it to a baby.

  2. Im exstemly glad that i am cut. I would not want to have my penis head hidden. On top of it over half of american women dont like the way the penis looks like with the skin covering the head of the penis. I do see what you are saying but it doesnt do much bifferent when the skin is not there.